A little work goes a long way!

Today we transformed an old, beat up flower bed into a beautiful flowerbed that someone actually wants to look at. This was a small project but it makes for a big impact when guests see your flowerbeds are beautifully maintained. With some fresh mulch, new shrubs, rock edging, and various other plants- the old flower bed is now looking green & vibrant!



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check us out!

We’re up and running. Isn’t our new website awesome? We have made several new changes, be sure to email, call, facebook or send us a tweet anytime!

ALSO, we have moved to a super duper new office, located at 4245 N. Old wire and our new phone # is 479-751-5233. Give us a shout!!

have a green day!
-your friends at blades/nutriment-

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Spring is Sprung!

The health of your lawn over the summer depends upon your spring treatments. Blades and Nutriment have several programs available to you that can ensure your summer landscape is in top form. Contact us to find out more.

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